Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse through this section to familiarise yourself with tattoo, piercing and operating procedures.

CANCELLATION POLICY(Full version at the end of page)

Deposit for your tattoo booking must be paid when reserving your session. No drawing work will be done without a deposit(no exceptions). Deposits will not be refunded if any drawing work was completed. This covers us for drawing work done.
Deposit for piercings, have a 24hour cancellation period for refunds.
Bookings are ONLY confirmed after receiving a deposit. Bookings over the phone are valid for 24h, or until we receive a deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS.
If you have any further questions, please call, email or WhatsApp us, and we will gladly assist where we can.


Q: Can I bring my own Jewelry?
A: NO! All our jewelry is sterilized and of know high quality, for piercing. After the piercing is healed properly, you can use any jewelry you like. Usually, longer jewelry is used for the initial piercing, to compensate for the swelling. Shorter, more comfortable jewelry is usually used after the piercing is fully healed.


Q: Does getting a piercing hurt?
A: Generally, piercings don’t hurt. The actual piercing happens quite fast, and the most discomfort is in the actual healing process. Feel free to contact us for more information about specific piercing’s painfulness. Generally, everyone has a different opinion on how painful a piercing is.


Q: How will I know if my piercing is infected?
A: Signs of infection are: Redness, discoloration, swelling, heat/fever, on or around the piercings, pain the is throbbing and/or shooting/travels, pus and/or discharge that is unnatural in color like grayish. yellowish and/or greenish.


Q: What should I do if my piercing is infected?
A: Contact your piercer or a doctor as soon as possible. Do not put off getting the infection taken care of because it can only get worst and maybe spread. Yes, you can die from a piercing that is infected if it is not taken care of and bacteria enters your bloodstream.
When in doubt contact your doctor.
Do not remove the jewelry. In a healing piercing, the jewelry is the only thing keeping the wound open. If you remove the jewelry the wound will close and possibly trap the infection and fluids inside yoru body. This can create an abscess that will require lancing. Leaving the jewelry in will allow a drainage point for the infection and in most cases make it more treatable.


Q: How long does the piercing take?
A: The piercing generally takes a couple of seconds and fitting the jewelry takes a few moments longer. Once you have arrived, most of that time is used for the marking process.


Q. Can you numb the area to be pierced?
A: We occasionally have stock of numbing agents, but prefer NOT to make use of it. We strongly discourage the use of any numbing creams to our customers. You may have an allergic reaction to it, as well as the undesirable effects it sometimes has on your skin. Numbing creams are expensive, and take 30-45minutes, under an airtight bandage to be effective. They may, however, be purchased from your local pharmacy if chosen. Please consult with your piercer in advance, if you intend using such numbing creams.


Q: What must I look for when choosing a piercing shop?
A: When deciding on a piercing shop, you should look out for a clean and well-maintained work area, pre-packaged and sterilized jewelry, sterilized tools, disposable needles, and knowledgeable staff who can provide information regarding jewelry, piercing, and healing.



Q: What inks do we use? Are they original? Chinese knockoffs? Where do they come from?
A: We only source our supplies from reputable suppliers, which ONLY supply to the Professional Tattoo and Piercing shops. This eliminates getting any knockoff inks which is a huge problem amongst non-professional artists. The inks we use originate mainly from the USA, we also cross-reference products from our suppliers to the actual manufacturers.


Q: Why are our prices so much cheaper than tattooists in a large mall?
A: We are fortunately lucky enough to be able to run our studio from our residence. We have a separate, dedicated studio built to keep things as professional as possible. We were in the process of renting in a small mall in Bellville, but decided against it, as we can offer more flexible working hours from our current studio, as well as pass on significant savings to our customers from much lower rent expenses.


Q: Does It Hurt?
A: Pain is really relative. Everyone has a different tolerance for pain. We’re not going to kid you, though – it does hurt. Just not that much. Some have compared it to a “cat scratch feeling”. But, people would not be returning again and again for more tattoos if it hurt that bad!


Q: Can I get a Tattoo if I’m Sick?
A: Getting a tattoo when your immune system is low, is a bad idea.  You’re going to need your strength and your white blood cells to heal your tattoo, something your body won’t be able to do if it’s already doing battle against virus and bacteria.


Q: Is it normal for my new tattoo to scab?
A: Scabbing, flaking, peeling, dryness and a hazy appearance are all natural parts of the healing process. However, severe scabs that are deep and thick may indicate a need to change your aftercare routine and you should be in contact with us.


Q: How much does it cost to get a Tattoo?
A: The cost varies on the size of your tattoo, the complexity, and where you put it on your body. We have a minimum fee of R500. However, we have monthly specials, so keep watching our Facebook page or request to be put on our WhatsApp mailing list.  We admit we are not always the cheapest around, but we pride ourselves in using only the best products for our clients.


Q: Do you also remove Tattoos?
A: We do not remove tattoos and we recommend that you do some sufficient research into a well-established laser removal studio before you let anyone attempt to remove your tattoo. If you are thinking about removing it before it has been done then our advice is DON’T get tattooed!


Q: What do I have to do before getting a Tattoo.?
Pre care:
* Avoid alcohol or drugs before or directly after you get tattooed.
* Don’t apply topical numbing cream to the area as it can affect your skin cells, and the way ink goes into the skin.
* Don’t get the area sunburnt and your skin may not be peeling.
* It is very important that you eat a meal before you get tattooed.
* Bring a coke or some sweets to keep your blood sugar levels up.


Q: How do I care for my new Tattoo?
A: Keep it clean and follow these instructions.

Leave the tattoo bandage on for 5-6 hours, or until you shower.
Remove the bandage, wash with warm water & soap, pat dry.
Do not reapply the bandage.

When the scabs start forming, apply ointment (available from us), E45 or Nipple cream, very lightly, 3-4 times a day. Stay out of chlorine pools, salt water, and minimum sun exposure while healing.
DON’T PICK AT SCAB. Tattoos will generally heal in 10-15 days, and look at their best after 2-3 months when the ink settles in.

# While your tattoo is healing DO NOT: Pick it, Sunbathe, Swim, Use perfumes or deodorants on it.
# Some inks will change colour or intensity slightly during the healing process. This is quite normal.
# Finally, don’t listen to your friend’s advice, unless they are a professional tattooist!


Q: Will it fade?
A: We use the highest quality pigments found in the industry. We use only the best pigments we can find, and never something we won’t use on ourselves.


Q: How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?
A: By us, eighteen, though this can vary from place to place. Some tattoo shops are more diligent than others about asking for I.D.  The older you are when you get a tattoo, the less likely you’ll be to regret it later in life!


Q: When should I not get a tattoo?
A: You shouldn’t get a tattoo if you’re drunk or high. Wait until you are sober and positive that you want the tattoo. We will anyways not tattoo anyone who seems drunk or high. Alcohol makes you more likely to bleed, and this causes the ink to push out the skin while tattooing and resulting in a faded tattoo. This is not a good thing to feel ambiguous about.  If you’re sick, wait till you get better.


Q: How long does a tattoo take?
A: Tattooing is not a quick process, nor should it be rushed as you will be living with the results permanently. An averagely complex piece of work about the size of the back of your hand, usually takes about two hours to complete. Larger or more complex pieces can take tens of hours, and will require several sittings to complete. Usually, appointments are made in multiples of hours, but some smaller pieces may only require a thirty-minute appointment. A full sleeve (done by any decent artist), could take anything from ten to fifty hours work to complete depending on complexity.
We usually try to be as honest to our clients as possible in regard to cost/time. If we quote you for a large design, we try to give a total price. Also taking into account the number of sessions required. If it’s something that continuously is added to, such as a sleeve which is not planned beforehand, we could offer you an hourly rate, or quote you per tattoo. We will also take into account how much work you have done by us, and adjust your price accordingly.


Q: Can I get a Tattoo or Piercing while pregnant or breastfeeding?
A: No. Your body is going through tremendous changes and stress. Getting tattooed while pregnant or breast-feeding can negatively impact either/or your health and that of your baby. It’s simply not worth the risk.


Q: Can we bring children and family into the studio?
A: For the safety of your children and the cleanliness of our studio, we request that children not attend the studio while you receive a procedure form us.  We strive to keep a relaxed atmosphere for our clients, so they may fully enjoy their experience.
Please try to bring only one friend or family member for support, if required. This is a time to enjoy your experience and not be placed under unnecessary stress. Your tattoo artist also needs to be able to perform at their best, with minimal distractions, to give you the best possible tattoo.

Q: Can I bring my own design?
A: We encourage you to bring in your own artwork or references and ideas that we can use to draw you a custom tattoo. A custom tattoo is a tattoo designed with you specifically in mind, made to fit your personal tastes as well as your body shape perfectly. We may need to rework your drawings based on its “tattooability”.
NOTE: Custom tattoos require a deposit as well as time for the artist to draw up the design. The amount of time necessary to draw your tattoo will depend on the scope of the piece as well as how booked we are. If you choose not to be tattooed or decide to cancel your appointment without sufficient notice, your deposit is considered a drawing fee.
Please refer to our “Deposit return and cancellations policy” at the bottom of the page for more information.


Q: Can you cover up or fix a bad tattoo I have?
A: Probably. But not every tattoo is an ideal candidate for fixing or a cover-up. Additionally, cover-ups require a special skill set and not all artists are good at them. A consult is essential to determine and discuss what imagery is necessary to adequately cover the old work. Consults are free and generally take 10-30minutes to complete. If we are not confident that we help fix a suitable cover-up for you, we will suggest you look further into what your options are, and give you the best advice we can. We have our clients best interest at hand.


Q: Can you tattoo over my scar?
A: It depends on the severity and maturity of the scar. This is judged on a case-by-case basis. In general, a scar should be at least one year old and stabilized.  Come in to discuss your options. Be aware that healed results might vary. Its a chance you take, unfortunately.


Q: Do you do free touch-ups?
A: 90% of the time we will offer a touch-up on work done by us, for a reasonable period of time.  We prefer to have a happy customer than to try and make a few Rand extra off of them.
Hands, feet and neck tattoos are exceptions to the touch-up policy, and have no guarantee of how it will heal. It is one of those very risky tattoos, with high possibility of bad healing, fading or blowout. The risk is totally on you when getting such work done.  Other exceptions to receiving a free touch-up include making an appointment and not pitching for it or blatant disregard of proper tattoo aftercare. It is also important to note that most tattoos do not require a touch-up! If you think you need one or are unsure, simply us for advice.



Deposits are applied to the cost of your tattoo with the following conditions.
•Deposits are non-refundable if your artist has done any drawing up work for you. The deposit paid will then be taken as a drawing fee. However, if we have not done any drawing up work for you, you may cancel 48hours before your appointment, and get your deposit refunded.
Deposit for piercings, have a 24hour cancellation period for refunds.
Bookings are ONLY confirmed once a deposit is paid. We make NO EXCEPTIONS on this.
Clients arriving 30 minutes late will forfeit their appointment time and their deposit. A new deposit will be required to set another appointment.
•Arrange to review custom drawings at least 24hrs prior to your appointment to allow time for any changes.
•Appointments for tattoo sessions over 2 hours, will likely require a larger deposit, due to the extra time needed to be reserved for you.
If you have any further questions, please call, email or WhatsApp us, and we will gladly assist where we can.



Q: What forms of Payment do you take?
A: Whenever possible we prefer cash. Cash is required for deposit payments. We do also take Visa, Master Card, and Discover (there may be small fees for card payments).



Q: Should I tip?
A: You are not required to tip on top of the cost of your tattoo but it is always appreciated! If would like to tip us, some clients like to tip in cash and others like to bring us homemade goodies/gifts! We love and appreciate all of it.