We are a cozy Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio based in Stikland, Western Cape. Our goal is to provide a relaxed environment, where you can just be yourself, and enjoy your body modification experience without feeling judged or pressured.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to drop us a message via Email or WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, we do not cater for walk-ins, but that makes us more flexible to accommodate customers during unusual times. We fully understand that company working hours are getting extended, and customers might find it difficult to arrange time to have their Tattoos or Piercings done during standard Studio hours. The same applies to working parents trying to work around “family” time.

We unfortuanatly do not cater for walk in customers, and opperate on an appointment only basis!

We pride ourselves on keeping up a clean and sterile studio for the protection of us and most importantly, our customers! We like to offer our customers the option of using “disposable tattoo equipment”, where possible, compared to the standard practice of sterilizing and re-using equipment. This is just a “peace of mind” option, to make concerned customers a bit more at ease regarding sterilization of reused equipment. Also note, that we take the sterilization process very seriously, and is a top priority for us.

Needles are single use only and disposed of properly in a dedicated sharps container.
Machine tips and grips are either single-use disposable items or appropriately scrubbed and sterilized, to be reused again. This is the as traditional practice in Tattoo Studios around the world.
If you have any questions relating to the sterilization or tattooing process, please give us a call. There are no stupid questions when it comes to your body and health.
We hope to hear from you soon.

The “Addictiv-Ink Team”.

Please be on time for your appointments as we strictly only offer a 15minute grace period. It is unfair and unprofessional to have to delay or reschedule our next clients because you are late. If you are running late, please let us know ASAP so we can arrange accordingly or reschedule your appointment.
Refer to FAQ section for details of our cancellation policy and deposits.